C-Drama Watch – Goodbye My Princess

Goodbye My Princess

By the time this post is out, the series with 52 episodes would have ended.

I have watched 41 subtitled episodes and I have many questions than answers regarding the plot and relationship statuses of the characters.

Based on a novel, this mainland Chinese drama is about the fifth prince of the Li empire, bent on revenge for his birth mother’s death and as strategic and cunning as he could be, nothing could prepare him for this thing called love.

Through a series of cruel deaths and misunderstandings, the lead female character called the ninth princess, decided to jump off a cliff in order to erase all the painful memories and the fifth prince followed suit.

A few months later, the ninth princess is at the Li empire’s palace, destined to be married to the crown prince of the Li empire and the fifth prince is on the sidelines, bidding his time and scheming his way to get rid of the current crown prince.

With no memories of each other, they both set out to make their mark in the palace without ever meeting each other.

And what happened when they finally meet?

No sparks flying that’s for sure! Both were struggling with amnesia and no knowledge of their past love affair.

By now are you wondering about those around them who witnessed their love story?

NO ONE said a thing. They sort off entered into a silence pact.

By episode 41 and with no knowledge of how the story unfolds in the novel, I was already fearing that this drama is going to be one of those with tragic, unsatisfactory ending. Impatient for subtitles to come out for the remainder episodes, I watched raw episodes up to episode 48 and I can conclude this drama with this one sentence :

This drama is going to end tragically and I will feel like I’ve wasted 48 hours of my life on such sad and wretched drama.

I guess it’s fine if you prefer sad or melancholic endings. I like happy endings better just because real life has a lot of sadness already and I want my entertainment to ENTERTAIN me, not make me feel more forlorn.

I might watch just the finale when the subtitle is out, but I’ll be doing a lot of fast forwarding just to be done with the drama.

What do you want from a drama? Are you like me too?

The Tooth Conclusion

If you’ve followed my tooth journey here, here and here, you would know that by now I should have ended my journey and a conclusion of some sort should have happened.

Sadly, it ended with a disappointment as the root canal treatment could not be completed successfully.

By that I mean the dentist could not get as deep as they want to in one of my four canals. If I choose to seal the tooth up without really clearing up the last bit of canal, there is a chance that it might flare up in the future.

Disappointing. I was slightly depressed and sad for a few days after my last appointment.

So I opted for an extraction because I just want to get rid of the problematic tooth if it can’t be saved.

Then guess what..to extract the tooth will require more time just because of the crooked root.

Yes, that crooked root has been the bane of my misery. It was because of that root that I couldn’t get the root canal treatment completed successfully. Extracting it won’t be easy either.

Can I be annoyed any further because of this tooth of mine???