Dramas I Watched #1

Let me be honest…I am a big Korean drama fan.

I’ve watched many dramas but I wouldn’t call myself obsessed with K-dramas.

Over the years, I’ve followed many actors and I thought I would start a “Dramas I Watched” thread with a drama starring one of my favourite actor, Park Shin Hye.

It’s called Doctors and I just love the way the male lead courted PSH’s character. I think for people who are seeking love, they should put themselves out there and be upfront about their feelings to get the desired results. That is the moral of the story that I got from watching this drama.

The web that started it all


I took this photo about 6 years ago and I told myself that I will put this up in my blog some day.

The intention was so that I will have to come up with a good photo and in order to do that I will have to learn some photo editing. Thus learning some new skills in both photography and photo editing.