A Bouquet Like No Other

I did not post anything yesterday eventhough it was my posting day (Tues & Thurs) because I was swamped by the going ons in my life. So to make it up, I’m posting this photo. Regular Thursday post will be as usual tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your week ❤


Gnome-ing around

                                                                            Resident Gnome

What I Feel When I Watch Anime

We all should be like this everyday! Pixabay image.

I am not a massive fan of anime, but when I do watch or follow a series, there are a couple of things that I look out for.

1. I don’t like harem style anime. 1 boy with many female suitors? Too many cat fights.

2. Camaraderie plot line? I’m in!!

3. Cute, funny characters? Yes and Yes!!

Above all, when I do find an anime that I like, I feel like I could live out my fantasies when watching it. I’m not a brutal or violent person in nature, but secretly I find it fulfilling when I see a confident female character bashing another male character, especially when the male character is just downright loathsome. You know that feeling?? Hahaha!