Here Comes the Bride!


Photo sourced from Pixabay

So we all know about the American actress who married a British prince not too long ago.

It was televised world-wide, a lot of press coverage and intense scrutiny surrounding the couple from the very beginning until now.

Sure, people can say what they want about the motives, the event, the past lives and so on about the couple.

What annoys me the most is the unflattering titles of news articles, specifically about the bride.

Why do you guys (journalists) like to start off your piece with….. being snubbed/not dressed as per protocol/not sitting the proper way/showing too much skin/not showing skin at all/not being herself/being pretentious/has already spent more than $XX on her wardrobe and so on.


1.  Write about her current work/initiatives

2. Leave the girl alone. Being married is the start of a new life, and to someone who is the total opposite of herself makes it a lot harder for her to adjust.

3. Write more positive articles. The world has too much negative press already, I don’t need any more.

4. Don’t compare her to anyone else. She only knows how to be herself.