How I Think Religion Affects Us

I am not a very spiritual or religious person. Growing up I joined religious activities because it was expected of me and I feel that I never fully understood why I did what I did back then. It was either you do or you don’t.

Despite all that, I have had experiences where my faith and belief were tested and I would say that if I did not have my basic religious knowledge, it may have been rather difficult to overcome them.

I’m not here to talk about any religions. 

I am here to share about how I see the role a religion plays in our lives.

I see a religion as a concept that can be all powerful in terms of how it drives people to act in a prescribed law.

I see religion as a code of conduct. 

I believe religions are good.

But the people who choose to believe those religions may not always be good.

There are people who choose to leave their religion for all sorts of reasons.

There are also people who choose not to be affiliated to any form of doctrine.

When I was younger, I felt that religion wasn’t that important. Nice to have, but it did not have to be relevant.

As I am much more older now and I live in a place where not everyone has a religion, I could see how lives could be improved upon if only they have some sort of moral conduct or a spiritual compass.

I think human beings are ambitious creatures. Creative thinkers. Adaptable.

As they grow older, their personalities are shaped based on their life-long experiences. Some may have had a lot of successes in their life. Some may not. And as they get much much older, some may have some level of resentment towards other people just because their situation is not as what they expected it to be.

Now I feel that if you have some sort of spiritual awareness, you would know that we can’t have everything in life. We are all gifted with different abilities and they are all blessed upon us. If we could just look at what we have and count them as a blessing, wouldn’t we all lead at least a fulfilling life?

This is where I believe that religion keeps you grounded and thus giving you a peace of mind. Even if someone does not believe in a spiritual deity, being aware of the fact that there is such a thing as a circle of life means nothing lasts forever.

What goes up must come down

Isaac Newton


On Losing A Tooth and Counting My Blessings

I meant to put up 2 posts every week on my website but last week was an exception of only 1.

It wasn’t because I was running out of idea. Rather it was because I had the impending tooth extraction procedure and the whole week was a rather lousy week for me.

Suffice to say that I have and have had a rather bad luck when it comes to having a medical procedure done. Things don’t always go smoothly or there is that bit of a complication. The extraction was not an exception.

A procedure that was meant for an hour ended up being 5 hours (with breaks in between). I came out alive (and also battered, bloodied and bruised). As horrifying as it was made out to be, I was comforted that the professionals really tried their very best out of a rather messy situation.

A swollen cheek and 3 stitches later (and a still 0.2mm root bit left that can’t be taken out at all), I am hopeful that this experience may have made my life more meaningful. I would rather count my blessings than dwell on the “it could have been…” situations.

As the dentists (yeap, 2 of them worked on my tooth) and the rest of the staff that day commended me on my bravery during the grueling 5 hours, I would like to think that I had no other way but to be brave despite the anxiety and uncertainty that engulfed my mind during certain periods.

And I say to myself every single morning, to always count my blessings.