On Losing A Tooth and Counting My Blessings

I meant to put up 2 posts every week on my website but last week was an exception of only 1.

It wasn’t because I was running out of idea. Rather it was because I had the impending tooth extraction procedure and the whole week was a rather lousy week for me.

Suffice to say that I have and have had a rather bad luck when it comes to having a medical procedure done. Things don’t always go smoothly or there is that bit of a complication. The extraction was not an exception.

A procedure that was meant for an hour ended up being 5 hours (with breaks in between). I came out alive (and also battered, bloodied and bruised). As horrifying as it was made out to be, I was comforted that the professionals really tried their very best out of a rather messy situation.

A swollen cheek and 3 stitches later (and a still 0.2mm root bit left that can’t be taken out at all), I am hopeful that this experience may have made my life more meaningful. I would rather count my blessings than dwell on the “it could have been…” situations.

As the dentists (yeap, 2 of them worked on my tooth) and the rest of the staff that day commended me on my bravery during the grueling 5 hours, I would like to think that I had no other way but to be brave despite the anxiety and uncertainty that engulfed my mind during certain periods.

And I say to myself every single morning, to always count my blessings.