My Root Canal Adventure (I)

I’m not a big fan when it comes to a trip to the dentist.

So when I finally decided on going for a root canal procedure, it was after a long thought process.

Root canal, or Endodontic is a treatment used to repair and save tooth where the nerve become infected or injured.

In my case, it all started a few years back with a crack on the tooth. My tooth had no other issues until after that crack that just happened while I was eating my meal.

Back then I decided on repairing it with a filling that could keep the tooth together. The dentist recommended a further crown in the future as I was still pregnant and he did not want to do any intrusive procedure until after I’ve given birth.

I did not do anything else even after given birth because life just got in the way. Caring for young children was intense and I did not have any help with looking after my children.

So when my tooth started to having more issues since early 2017 (such as longer lasting sensitivity) I had to think of  a solution and after numerous visits to a few dentists, I decided to do a root canal and a crown to cap the tooth.

Root canal, appointment 1. Before going in.

To be continued…