Malay Dramas – A Complex Love/Hate Relationship

One wholesome meal, never disappoints, unless served without the iconic sambal, that is just blasphemy! Pixabay image.

Watching a Malay drama brings out many emotions in me.  I grew up watching many malay dramas. Malay dramas of my time could not be compared to the ones being shown on tv now.

Right, the dramas that I grew up watching had these elements in them:

1. Had different genres and are distinctive of each other. Comedy, romance, horror, slice-of-life kinda thing, religious.

2. Comedy dramas are light-hearted and relateable, non of the slapstick of the current generation. Never try to be politically-correct, which sadly contributed to the many stereotypes or common misconceptions about the many different races in Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak) Hahahahahah!!!

3. Common settings ; lives in the kampungs, struggles in family relationships, younger generation leaving the elderly to look for jobs in the city.

4. Mystical elements and people using dodgy practices to ruin other people’s lives.

Malay dramas nowadays…..

Most definitely flashy lifestyles, people/family with high social status, lowly main character being paired up with someone from a higher social status, desperate attempt for wealth accumulation by a second wife for her child/ren, characters being made to date/engaged/married by force by their family and later on fall for each other only for their past lovers come back into the scene.

I try to catch up with malay dramas just as much as I watch other foreign language dramas – Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese. But the selection on offer is lacking in diversity.

Now this is why I think why this is a problem and also not a problem.

Problem : Audience are going to eventually feel some sort of a fatigue with this stereotype storyline. No new ideas or growth of creativity in the industry.

Not a problem : Popular dramas will draw more audience and more revenue. Not a bad combination.

Film makers don’t make stuff that people won’t watch, and people expect to be served with a certain type of drama that will induce a certain happy feeling inside.

Movies or dramas are a type of escapism.

People want to escape from the harsh realities of life.

Some people have complained in the past about how degrading it is to be watching current malay dramas just because it does not reflect realities of life.

This is what I think how things could be done.

1. If you don’t like what is on the tv, just turn it off and live your own life.

2. To experience diversity in viewing selection, be more open to different views.

3. Audience and popular preferences might change, but don’t hold your breath.




What I Feel When I Watch Anime

We all should be like this everyday! Pixabay image.

I am not a massive fan of anime, but when I do watch or follow a series, there are a couple of things that I look out for.

1. I don’t like harem style anime. 1 boy with many female suitors? Too many cat fights.

2. Camaraderie plot line? I’m in!!

3. Cute, funny characters? Yes and Yes!!

Above all, when I do find an anime that I like, I feel like I could live out my fantasies when watching it. I’m not a brutal or violent person in nature, but secretly I find it fulfilling when I see a confident female character bashing another male character, especially when the male character is just downright loathsome. You know that feeling?? Hahaha!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Not my front door.        Facade With Atlants Free Public Domain CcO Image

Over the years I’ve had all sorts of people knocking on my front door. Mostly unsolicited door knockers and they resorted to knocking on the door when they couldn’t get any response after ringing the door bell.

If I’m not expecting anyone, I will decide if I want to open the door or not for them after peeking from the window.

Here is a list of people who have knocked on my door, in no particular order.

1) Jehovah Witness

They come always bearing news of the impending doom of our world. Sometimes they will leave some printed materials with catastrophic images. But they never disappoint by sending out lovely, mild-mannered elderly members of their society.

Do I open the door for them? I do but this only happens when I’m already expecting someone else but I ended up opening the door for them instead.

2) Postal worker/Posty, also incudes courier

Our regular posty is a friendly lady who comes around about 3 times a week. Courier drivers are always men who deosn’t really look like they enjoy their work hahaha!

Do I open the door for them? Of course!

3) Kids on Halloween

I’m not fond of opening my door to kids just because I don’t know how to react to this event. There was one year when I helped to open the door for my daughter to give out candies.

4) People asking for donation

This I don’t really like to entertain and I try my best to be very quiet when I see them on my doorstep.

5) Sales people for electricity/gas/phone/internet plans

Emotional blackmail at its best. No sales person offering water deals though, because there is only one company that looks after the infrastructure.

Seagulls looking out

These seagulls might be looking out, thinking, as a group, what are they collectively known as.

They can be called as a flock of seagulls or a colony of seagulls.

Kids and Science

I’ve always tried to get my children to be excited about science. Because science is life, you know? Maybe also because I was a student of science. Never a brilliant learner but nevertheless I was always in awe of how science can explain (almost) everything about life itself.

My daughter does not respond well to suggestions of a home-made science experiments when she was younger. I have not asked how she feels about it now, but when I tried doing home-made science experiments with her a couple of years back, she just didn’t want to participate. Partly because she just didn’t know why we should be doing something called SCIENCE. It’s too big of a word for a little kid right?

So since then, I never tried doing any science related stuff with her.

Until a few days ago when she requested to help me fill up the ice cube tray. She filled the tray with water until it overflowed and I told her to remove the excess water. She asked me why, and I said solidified water expands and the excess water will form a solid surface on the tray making it difficult to twist the tray when we need the ice cubes later. I thought that was it.

The next night she wanted to put a toy whistle in a container filled with water, and to put the whole set in the freezer section. She told me that she wanted to see how it looks like when the whistle is in ice. So I said to her, that she might break the whistle while it is in ice because solidified water will expand, just like the water we put in the ice tray. She stopped to think and said she doesn’t want to break the whistle. Instead she put the whistle in the fridge because she wants to blow a cold whistle. I would have suggested another toy that she doesn’t want to play with anymore to be frozen, but I guess I made my point in teaching her a little bit of science?

If only it was just a little bit, but it worked, so it means I’ve done something marvellous, right?