How to Deal with Door Knockers (Vol I of III)

So the other day after picking up my son from kindergarten, we were home just for about an hour or so before we were out again to fetch my daughter from school. Usually during this one hour, I would be finishing up any chores, helping my son with snacks or catching up on my reading/online learning.

Then I heard the dreaded knock on the door and let me tell you something, one of my pet peeves is door knockers.

Whatever their reason may be, one common trait they have is their relentlessness. In my experience, it is the easiest to turn away people offering up services because I could say I’m not interested. But it becomes a bit difficult when the person in question is skillful at tugging at your heart.

So the person who knocked on my door was someone from a cancer foundation. Let me make it clear, I am not against anyone asking for donation for whatever cause that they are passionate about. What I don’t like is the method.

Imagine this…

Knocked on my door.

Standing on my porch, exchanging pleasantries and proceeded to asking if I know anyone with cancer. Answered yes and then bombarded with a series of anecdotes of her cause. Inserted too lots of information about my neighbours who have also gone onboard with her because ‘they are all excellent people, multi-cultural and are just nice!’, a fact I don’t agree with 100% ( I’ve seen what people do around here!).

People here are generally nice but I don’t think you could automatically categorise someone as ’nice’ just because they give you money.

End of Volume I. To be continued…

Dramas I Watched #1

Let me be honest…I am a big Korean drama fan.

I’ve watched many dramas but I wouldn’t call myself obsessed with K-dramas.

Over the years, I’ve followed many actors and I thought I would start a “Dramas I Watched” thread with a drama starring one of my favourite actor, Park Shin Hye.

It’s called Doctors and I just love the way the male lead courted PSH’s character. I think for people who are seeking love, they should put themselves out there and be upfront about their feelings to get the desired results. That is the moral of the story that I got from watching this drama.

Gnome-ing around

                                                                            Resident Gnome

Superstition I Grew Up With #1

Not my kitchen. Pixabay image.

Kitchen is such an important area in every household, don’t you think?

A house is not a house if it does not have a kitchen.

Such an underrated communal place with very significant role.

I think most of us dream of this kind of setting, and that is all that will ever happen. Pixabay image

There is this superstition that you’re not allowed to sing while you’re in the kitchen otherwise you’ll marry an old man. Of course this only applies to girls and never boys.

Beware of regular kitchen dwellers as they hold the most dangerous weapon in the household. Pixabay image

Why can’t people say instead, don’t sing while you’re cooking otherwise you’ll burnt the dish or mess the taste of the dish because you were not concentrating.

Another household chore that you can do while singing. Pixabay image