The Tooth Conclusion

If you’ve followed my tooth journey here, here and here, you would know that by now I should have ended my journey and a conclusion of some sort should have happened.

Sadly, it ended with a disappointment as the root canal treatment could not be completed successfully.

By that I mean the dentist could not get as deep as they want to in one of my four canals. If I choose to seal the tooth up without really clearing up the last bit of canal, there is a chance that it might flare up in the future.

Disappointing. I was slightly depressed and sad for a few days after my last appointment.

So I opted for an extraction because I just want to get rid of the problematic tooth if it can’t be saved.

Then guess extract the tooth will require more time just because of the crooked root.

Yes, that crooked root has been the bane of my misery. It was because of that root that I couldn’t get the root canal treatment completed successfully. Extracting it won’t be easy either.

Can I be annoyed any further because of this tooth of mine???


Plastic Life

Supermarkets in Victoria has phased out the single use plastic bags from 1 July, with Woolworths already doing that since 20th June.

I think we have now and then seen or heard of the devastating effect plastic has on our environment. 

Yes plastic is bad, but I would also like to thank the typically organic polymers of high molecular mass for its initial contribution to the advancement of humankind.

I’ve been taking my own shopping bags whenever I do my top ups just to get in the habit of not depending on the single use plastic bags since March.

Not everyone likes the idea of getting rid of the single use plastic bags. It’s free, and many people or households have used it for lining their rubbish bin at home.

I understand the sentiment, but I also feel that the best way forward is for us to change our habit and move on. Even if you don’t feel an inch of compassion to the dead marine life due of plastic bags, then do it because it’s just how life is in a progressive society.

If you’ve used the single use plastics for lining your rubbish bin at home, then buy the bin liner rolls to line your bins or start a compost bin.

Used the plastic bags to collect your dog poop? Buy the dog poo bags.

Who says being green or environmentally conscious is easy? In fact it is neither easy nor cheap.

I read that you could also line your rubbish bin with several layers of newspaper, then just wrap it up when you’re ready to throw it away.

Just who still reads newsPAPER nowadays?


A Sanga Dilemma

Sanga for lunch. Sanga is an Australian slang for sandwich. Pixabay image.

Sandwich is such an ubiquitous item and you can almost get it anywhere in a shopping centre’s food court or any corner shops or cafes.

I have always gotten my sandwich fix from Subway and over the years I’ve seen changes to their menu and most recently to their colours and logo. Maybe to streamline with their US counterparts perhaps?

I used to get my sandwich double-wrapped – once with a white paper, then with the glossy paper that bears the company logo. But they started to omit the white paper wrapper since last year and made do with just the glossy paper.

There is no more plastic bag, but they’ve introduced a paper bag instead. 

And the menu? Well, there are a lot less on the menu board nowadays. I would always get a turkey and ham sandwich because that was one of the options listed on the board.

Nowadays I don’t see the exact name on the menu anymore, but I could still get it in that combination because turkey and ham are one of the many ingredients that they have. 

Usually the way I order is to state the name of the sandwich that I want, and in my case it’s ‘turkey and ham sandwich on white bread’ at the start of the queue, and gradually saying other ingredients as the queue moves along.

Recently though, I’ve had to say the type of bread that I want first and then saying out the other ingredients, in between of informing them if I want any of the ingredients fresh or toasted.

To me, it just feels like there’s a detachment to my favourite sandwich by not saying out the full name first. Or perhaps the sandwich artists are not fully capable of remembering the name of the sandwich that I just said 5 seconds before?

What about you guys? Do you have a standard way of ordering your sanga?


Moonshine and Valentine


Image Source

I had the chance to watch this Chinese drama not too long ago and I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, regardless of what other people has said of the disappointing, open-ended ending.

I do have a small beef in regards to the storyline.

The story was about a girl who was destined to be the cure for a hybrid child. Now it was understandable that the only method to harvest the needed organ was by death since it was the ancient time. And at every incarnation, the girl was destined to not live a long life anyway. So in modern times like now, I would have thought that the girl (if she knew about her long-forged destiny earlier on into her relationship with the guy) would still be able to save the guy by giving a part of her organ (in this case the liver, and it is known that a liver could regenerate back to its full size if a part of it is transplanted) and not have to give up her life.

That was what I understood anyway but it seems later on the storyline conveniently mentioned that the girl’s life essence was the cure for the hybrid child. So why go for taking the liver out?? Is the life essence based in the liver?? I don’t know really.

But it was a good in-between drama to watch.