The Tooth Conclusion

If you’ve followed my tooth journey here, here and here, you would know that by now I should have ended my journey and a conclusion of some sort should have happened.

Sadly, it ended with a disappointment as the root canal treatment could not be completed successfully.

By that I mean the dentist could not get as deep as they want to in one of my four canals. If I choose to seal the tooth up without really clearing up the last bit of canal, there is a chance that it might flare up in the future.

Disappointing. I was slightly depressed and sad for a few days after my last appointment.

So I opted for an extraction because I just want to get rid of the problematic tooth if it can’t be saved.

Then guess extract the tooth will require more time just because of the crooked root.

Yes, that crooked root has been the bane of my misery. It was because of that root that I couldn’t get the root canal treatment completed successfully. Extracting it won’t be easy either.

Can I be annoyed any further because of this tooth of mine???


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