Kangkung, the Unassuming Dish

I had the image in my mind of how my kangkung dish should look like.

However I did google up the instructions for cleaning and preparing the kangkung. Why?? Because eventhough my mom is just a phone call away and I can just ask people on my FB, I could not be bothered ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Google search of instructions

So you can fry kangkung with shrimp paste or belacan, garlic, chilli and many other flavourings. I find that the kangkung that I bought has an aromatic smell which I find as a pleasant surprise. Okay, okay, I know….I’m a noob at eating kangkung!

Kangkung and how to on wikiHow

wikiHow and many other sites may spell it as kangkong, but I will stick with how I say it – Kangkung.

Kangkung and shrimp sauce

I’ve decided on frying my bunch of kangkung with shrimp sauce.

Very fine shrimp sauce, recommended!

It is fine, smells awesome and tastes great!

Fried kangkung in the making

Everything in the pot anddd….

Shrimp sauce fried kangkung and chopped chilli

All ready!

Eat with warm rice and it was AMAZING!!!!

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