How to Deal with Door Knockers (Vol III of III)

Continuation from Vol II

Moral of the story is:

  1. There is never a gentle/nice way to say ‘no’ to another person.
  2. Don’t open the door for whatever reason if you’re not expecting anyone, even though your kids are screaming and the knocker most definitely knows that the occupants are home. Just ignore them!!!
  3. Don’t be pressured to hand out your money or personal info just because you want to be charitable. If the cause is not something you care about, just say no and walk away.
  4. You can’t please everyone.
  5. And just because people give you money, it doesn’t mean they care about what you do. They might be doing it because they want to get rid of you.

I understand that if not prompted, the general population may not want to give them any donation at all if there is no motivation. And simply showing up in front of people’s front door, although will get you some amount of money, will leave some bad taste with people.

These are my suggestions:


There are ways to look for information on your target audience. Isn’t it much better to get a better exposure AND donation while not putting people in a tough spot (especially when you approach them in front of their home while they are busy living their lives?


You get an eclectic group of people here and I feel most of the elderly population do donate more compared to the young-ish population.


This is for the long term planning, not for the immediate cash/fund raising.

And if all these fails, and you find yourself in a pickle with only door-to-door donation to do, then I ask that the next time I say NO to you, just politely say ‘thank you for your time’, with a smile of course, and be on your merry way. Never ever show me your sulking face or pouty mouth while saying some passive-aggressive comments.


For the record, the last lady that came took my rejection calmly and wasn’t repulsive of my rejection.

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