How to Deal with Door Knockers (Vol II of III)

Continuation from Vol I

Some more talking and heart tugging statements, designed to get you to give away your personal info. In our conversation, I could not pinpoint to the exact moment that I gave my permission to make a commitment to what she was there for.

Racking my brain, I just didn’t get a direct request for my personal details (and credit card info) to be collected. And when I probed further about the use of my info (just after she asked for my credit card details), I was assured that ‘this is only a one time thing’,’you can cancel it anytime’,’you can do it for a month or two then cancel’ and ‘your data won’t be used for any other purpose except for this’.

That was not my first time being coaxed for personal info and credit card details. One thing about me is that I find it hard to reject or say no to people (much to the delight of salespeople, according to my husband). So after the last time the exact same thing happened, I promised myself that there will not be a repeat of it.

As I stood there, I was trying to find ways to reject her gently. Deep down inside, I sympathise her cause but I just don’t have the means to do it and I do not like being pressured to commit myself when I don’t have time to mull it over.

It’s like when you’re about to give birth and someone comes along and asks you to sign up for a competition. So not cool man!

I politely said no the her.

To be continued…

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